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We are told Brooks Chinese name means “splendid” and splendid he is!!  You have just got to see the video of him crawling and playing with a ball.  Brooks was born in January of 2017 with Down Syndrome and Hypospadias. His file was prepared in July of 2019 and says the following.  On admission he often cried noisily. At the age of 2-4m when fed with milk he was able to suck with strength, slept for a long time every day. At the age of 5-6m when being hungry he was able to cry noisily, went to sleep soundly when being full. At the age of 7-8m he was able to turn from back to side, had single motion of hands and feet. At the age of 9-10m he was able to take the quilt and clothes and put into his mouth, often drooled. At the age of 11-12m he was able to pay attention to sound made by people, had not much response when being called, followed the object visually. At the age of 1y he was able to say vague words, his attention was easy to be distracted, was able to turn from back to side and then to stomach, when being full he played alone, swung his hands irregularly and alternately. At the age of 2y he liked to listen to music, watch TV, was able to push the chair and climb onto it in order to reach something. From the age of 2y5m he likes colorful toys, likes to jump and climb, clap hands, responds gladly when being called.  He is able to understand simple words as well as do simple things according to orders, able to call aunt, his words are simple.

Brooks is able to understand orders from adults,  finish orders from others, pull clothes and the towels of the children in neighboring cribs, take off clothes, cooperate with the caretaker to put on clothes, knows the criticizing from others, takes advices, has facial expressions, able to express fondness or unhappiness, cries noisily when he does not like, able to play simple games, utter sound when being surprised. Could you be the perfect family for Brooks?


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