The England Grant of $2500 may be available for qualifying families.

Individualized grant funding for qualifying families may be available through our President’s Grant.  Contact us for more details!

Benton is going to be a treasure for one lucky family.  Benton was born in June of 2015 and is diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy.  As you will see from the new videos we received May of 2020, he doesn’t let that stop him at all.  His update from May also says that Benton can communicate with nannies normally but his pronunciation is not very clear. He can understand color, shape, spatial concept, causality and so on. He can write 1-10 numbers and some simple words. He can brush his teeth, wash his face, clean his hands.  His report from when he was 4 years old said he is active and cute.  He lives in a rehabilitation center.  He has an obvious tiptoe if walking fast.  He can  put on and off shoes, socks and simple clothes by himself.  He can build toy blocks and could build various shapes with toy snowflakes.  He can walk alone stably, can walk around the obstacle then turn around and continue to walk forwards.  He can close zippers.  He can kick the ball with one foot. He can squat down and pick up things from the ground.  He can draw different shapes and can paint along the lines.  He can count 1-100.  He can express with short sentences.  He can go to bathroom alone and can clear up and wash hands after it. He can walk outdoors alone on the even road.  He can go up and down stairs alone with holding.  He can screw off the lid alone; can turn a book page one by one; can use the scissors to cut the paper; can recognize 1-29; can write 1-9; can recognize “inner and outer, front and back, up and down”; can know to classify the same object; can recognize the coins “1Yuan, 5Jiao, 1Jiao”.  This boy is going to make one happy addition to the family that adopts him.

Videos – May 2020

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